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Biomaterials Seminar
MiMe Wekly Meeting

MiMe Meeting

This is a weekly internal meeting where management and laboratory issues are discussed. Usually one or several researcher present ongoing work. This meeting is generally not open for the general public, get in contact nevertheless if you would like to attend.

Date Presenting – room
05-Jan no meeting
12-Jan no meeting
19-Jan Sara – R816
26-Jan Mark B – R816
 02-Feb Jake – R816
09-Feb Elie – R816 (TBC)
16-Feb no meeting
22-Feb (Wednesday) Vassilis – R514
02-March Douglas – R816 (TBC)
09-March Nadira – R816 (TBC)
16-March Eleni – R816 (TBC)
23-March Annie – R816
30-March Virginia – R816

Biomaterials Seminar

The venue and date for this seminar is room 526 at the DTC in the James Watt Building, Tuesdays at 10 AM. The seminar hosts presentations by postdoc researchers or the University of Glasgow and also frequently talks by external professionals of different backgrounds. The seminar is open for the general public by invitation, get in contact with us if you would like to attend.

Seminars to be resumed next 13th September 2016

Date Speaker/s Notes
 10 – Jan  Robert Docherty & Hilary Anderson  JWS526
 17 – Jan  Jake Cason & Andres Alba Perez  JWS633
 24 – Jan  Wenlong Huang (University of Aberdeen)  JWS526
31 – Jan Natasha Lewis & Mark Bennett  JWS526