Meet the Team

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Manuel Manuel Salmerón-Sánchez (Group Leader)

Research Associates

Marco-Cantini Annie-Cheng Cristina-Gonzalez
Andrés Alba-Perez (Research Associate) Marco Cantini (Research Associate) Annie Cheng (Research Associate) Cristina Gonzalez-García (Marie Curie Fellow)
kimia VladiMira-Moulisova Alex-Rodrigo
 Kimia Mohammadi (Research Associate)  Vladimira Moulisova (Research Associate)  Alex Rodrigo (Research Associate)

PhD Candidates:

Fatma Bathawab Mark-Bennett Eleni-Grigoriou Ross
Fatma Bathawab Surface mobility and stem cell fate. Mark Bennett Role of surface mobility in cell/material interactions. Eleni Grigoriou  Mechanosensitive fibronectin-based microenvironments. Ross Gurden Engineering stem cell niches (co-supervised with Prof. Matt Dalby)
Jake-Hay Virginia-Llopis Elie-new vassilis
Jake Hay Functional living biointerfaces to direct stem cell fate. Virginia Llopis-Hernández Fibronectin fibrillogenesis to direct cell fate. Elie Ngandu Mpoyi Biointerfaces to reveal collagen IV disease mechanisms Vassilis Papalazarou Bioengineering microenvironments for pancreatic cancer cell invasion (co-supervised with Prof. Laura Machesky at the Beatson Institute)
Nadira Mark-Sprott Paula-Sweeten Sara-Trujillo
Nadira A Salah In vitro model for fallopian tube regeneration. Mark Sprott Synergistic microenvironments to control stem cell fate. Paula Sweeten Engineering stem cell niches (co-supervised with Prof. Matt Dalby) Sara Trujillo-Muñoz Fibronectin-based gels.
Frankei-Vanterpool Doug Venters
Frankie Vanterpool Fibronectin and cancer. Douglas Venters Injectable Hydrogels for Spinal Cord Regeneration

Other Post-graduate students and visitors

Andrea Acaiturri 

MSc student (Oral and Maxillofacial surgery)


Once in the team, always in the team

Pepe-Ballester Douglas-Borland Niina-Hassi Sara-Poveda
Jose Ballester-Beltran Sandwich-like systems to engineer the cellular microenvironment. PhD defence in Nov 2014.

Now:  Research Associate at the University of Cambridge “Screening a list of candidate transcription factors that might act as key switches in the production and maturation of red cells for transfusion to humans.”

Douglas Borland Started postgraduate program. Synergistic microenvironments to control stem cell fate.

Now: Temporary Lecturer in Biology at New College Lanarkshire

Karoliina Hassi MSc project 2nd term 2014. Functional living biointerfaces to direct stem cell fate.

Now: MSc student at the University of Helsinki.

Sara Poveda Five months stay during 2014. C2C12 and hMSCs cell cultures in injectable gelatin/hyaluronic acid hydrogels.

Now: PhD last year in Centro de Biomateriales e Ingeniería Tisular (Valencia)


M.-Al-Jarsha pachi
Mohammed Al-Jarsha MSc project 2nd term 2014. Biomaterial coatings for titanium implants.

Now: Assistant Lecturer at The College of Dentistry – University of Baghdad.

 Patricia Rico-Tortosa Visiting Researcher at MiMe group during Jun-Jul 2015 and Jul-Sept 2016

Now: Associate Researcher at the Center for Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering and at the Biomedical Research Networking Center in Bioengineering, Biomaterials and Nanomedicine (CIBER-BBN), Valencia, Spain.