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Paper published in PNAS
Our work on cell interactions with purely viscous surfaces has been published on PNAS. Using supported lipid bilayers we explain cell mechanotransduction with the molecular clutch model. This research opens new avenues to incorporate viscosity into the design of cellular microenvironments.
Paper available in early edition here

Paper published in Nature Biomedical Engineering
Stimulation of 3D osteogenesis by mesenchymal stem cells using a nanovibrational bioreactor has been published led by our partners at the Centre for Cell Engineering.

Bone regeneration project funded by charity Find a Better Way featured in The Guardian
‘Off the shelf’ bone replacements offer life-changing help to landmine victims

Prof Salmeron-Sanchez interviewed on BBC Radio
Interviews on Radio 4 & World Service

Paper published in Science Advances
Sci Adv. 2016 Aug 26;2(8) “Material-driven fibronectin assembly for high-efficiency presentation of growth factors” is available online on the new open access journal from the AAAS / Science.