Seminar talk at the School of Mathematics & Statistics

Prof Manuel Salmeron-Sanchez will talk about “Engineering the cellular microenvironment” this next Thursday 1st February 14:00-15:00 in room 311B of the Mathematics and Statistics Building, at the University of Glasgow.

Abstract of the talk
Cells reside within the extraellular matrix (ECM), a complex 3D mesh of proteins and other macromolecules that provide anchorage support for cells but also instruct them with relevant signals that trigger different processes, such as cell migration and (stem) cell differentiation. During this talk, we will show examples of how different physical properties of the ECM play a key role in controlling cell behaviour, such as the viscoelastic properties and topography of the ECM. Also, we will discuss the importance of the presentation of growth factors – which are important signalling molecules that control cell development and hence regeneration – tethered to the ECM, and how to recapitulate these aspects of the natural ECM by designing materials with applications in cell engineering and regenerative medicine.