Media coverage on our bone regeneration tech

Led by the excellent PR team at Find a Better Way, we had quite a lot of media impact last month with coverage of our recent successful bone regeneration trial on a veterinary patient at the Small Animal Hospital at the University of Glasgow. Highlights were the BBC News Channel interviews, the Radio 4 PM interview with Eddie Maer, and Lou McGrath’s appearance on Radio Scotland. Below we’ve put together a list of the coverage we are aware of, mostly on December 29th and 30th:

  • Several BBC News Channel clips (radio prerecorded package followed by interviews with Matt, William, and Fiona & Eva – the last of these interviews was run as a recording several times more).
  • BBC News at Six (BBC One) clip (radio prerecorded package, which also ran during the News at Ten)
  • Radio 4 World at One – Interview with Matt
  • Radio 4 PM – Prerecorded interview with Matt (from World at One) plus live interviews with Fiona and Stuart.
  • Radio 5 Live – New prerecorded interview with Matt
  • Radio Scotland – live interview with Lou
  • BBC Radio 4 6 O’Clock News – radio pre recorded package
  • World Service Newshour – prerecorded interview with Stuart
  • Radio 4 World Tonight – last item in the news bulletin, included clip from Matt
  • Radio Wales, on the morning of 30 Dec, new prerecorded interview with Matt
  • BBC World – Manuel’s and Lou’s interviews.
  • BBC news bulletins on R1, R2, or R3 – several snippets
  • CBS news (USA) – radio prerecorded package


More info and links to clips also in this post in the FABW site