Biointerfaces 2017 – FEBS Workshop

A FEBS Workshop with the title “Biological Surfaces and Interfaces: Interface Dynamics” will take place from the 2nd July to 7th July 2017 in Hotel Eden Roc, Sant Feliu de Guixols, Catalonia, Spain.

Prof Manuel Salmerón-Sánchez (University of Glasgow, UK) and Ilya Reviakine (University of Washington, USA) will chair the event.

Find all the information – programme, abstract submission and registration instructions – in this link.


This conference covers research into the dynamics of biological interfaces. The goal of the meeting is to bring together researchers from diverse disciplines who are actively working on this topic and to engage young scientists at the doctoral and postdoctoral level, nucleating new ideas and new directions.


Thomas BARKER – Dynamic molecular complexes in cell interaction with the ECM
Timo BETZ – Activity at the border: How active cytoskeleton-membrane interaction control cell mechanics
Matthew J. DALBY – Nanoscale control of stem cell differentiation
Aranzazu DEL CAMPO – Light-triggered dynamic biointerfaces
Reinhard FÄSSLER – Mechanosensing via cell-matrix adhesions
Andres J. GARCIA – Biofunctional dynamic hydrogels for tissue repair
Delphine GOURDON – Fibronectin mechanobiology regulates tumorigenesis
Pamela HABIBOVIC – Design-driven biomaterials development: decoupling and recombining individual material properties
Viola VOGEL – Mechanobiology: the art of forming and forcing bonds to break
Peter JÖNSSON – Studying intermolecular interactions between membrane-anchored proteins using hydrodynamic forces
Laura MACHESKYIUBMB Lecturer – Role of the actin cytoskeleton, matrix and stiffness in cancer invasion and metastasis
Yukiko MATSUNAGA – Actin cytoskeleton and cell migration in cancer
Catherine PICART  – Engineered biomaterials coatings for the control of cell fate: from molecular mechanisms to regenerative medicine
Ralf RICHTER –  Many weak interactions make a difference – from superselective targeting of cells to macromolecular transport across the nuclear envelope
Kevin SHAKESHEFF – Thermoresponsive materials as injectable matrices for regenerative medicine
Molly STEVENS – Exploring and engineering the cell/material interface
Masaru TANAKA – Interfacial water at the cell/protein/material interface
Xavier TREPAT– Collective guidance of cell migration and invasion
Tobias WEIDNER – Protein control of hard and soft tissue – a molecular view