Our trip to TERMIS 2016 (Uppsala, Sweden)

Four researchers in our team just came back from the TERMIS-EU 2016 Congress in Uppsala, Sweden. Prof. Manuel Salmeron-Sanchez and third year PhD student Fatma Bathawab gave talks and Marie Curie fellow Cristina Gonzalez-Garcia and MSc student Andrea Acaiturri brought poster presentations. Manuel’s talk was titled “Fibronectin-based biointerfaces to control stem cell fate: nanotopographies, protein mobility, self assembly and growth factor binding – looks matters“. Fatma’s talk was titled “Polymer surface mobility controls hMSC fate“.


Andrea Acaiturri

[Fatma, Cristina] “We enjoyed many or the keynote presentations. Molly Stevens, Alvaro Mata and Joao F Mano talks were very good.”


Fatma Bathawab

[Andrea] “Even though I’m from a different background I have enjoyed it so much. I got to meet a lot of people and discuss different things and points of view of clinical applications of interesting biomaterials. It is amazing seeing all the hard work everyone is doing around the world to give patients the best care possible.”

[Cristina] “People are using 3D printing a lot! We saw a lot of 3D printing and alginate hydrogels.”

[Cristina] “We didn’t really have time to visit Uppsala, but we liked what we saw. I liked seeing so many recycling spots and bikes everywhere.”

Full Program of the event here.

Fatma and Cristina

Fatma and Cristina

New startups

New start-ups competition

Sunny Sweden

Blue skies in Sweden

bike parking

Bikes in Uppsala