CCE-GLORI 2015 this Thursday at the University of Glasgow

The 7th GLORI local meeting is scheduled for the glori cceafternoon of December 10th 2015. The Glasgow Orthopaedic Research Initiative (GLORI) is organised by the Centre for Cell Engineering at the University of Glasgow to encourage collaboration between the basic sciences, applied sciences, engineering and clinic.  Prof Jason Burdick from the University of Pennsylvania is invited speaker in this GLORI.

This is the programme for GLORI:

Session 1
13:30 Prof Matt Dalby/Mr Dominic Meek “Introduction”.
13:35 Hilary Anderson “@CCEUoG”.
13:40 Prof Jason Burdick “MSC/3D materials and cartilage tissue engineering”.
14:40 Prof Matt Dalby “Nanokicking Bioreactor”.
14:50 Dr Monica P. Tsimbouri “Nano‐topographical modulation of cells and bacteria for next generation orthopaedic implants”.
15:00 Coffee break

Session 2
15:20 Virgina Llopis‐Hernandez “A simple approach to boost the activity of growth factors in bone regeneration”.
15:30 Fatma Bathawab “The Effect of Polymer Surface Mobility on Cell Behaviour”.
15:40 Dr Lesley‐Anne Turner “Development of nano‐patterned substrates for the delivery of high quality stem cells”.
15.50 Jake Hay “Controlling the Enemy: Living Interfaces for MSC differentiation”.
4pm Final Q/A and discussion