Invited talk by Prof Karine Anselme at the Biomaterials Seminar

Prof Karine Anselme is Directeur de Recherche CNRS at the Institut de Science des Material de Mulhouse, France. She is one of the leading researchers in the world on cell (mammalian/bacterial) interaction with topography and cell mechanotransduction from topographical interactions. She will be the next speaker at the Biomaterials Seminar today Monday 30th.

Her talk is titled “Materials to control biological cells function: a focus on microtopography influence.

The focus of Prof Anselme’s work is the study of the interface between a surface and a biological environment (biomolecules, microorganisms, cells, tissues, organs).
The ultimate goal is to develop new biomaterials or to modify their surfaces to impart a controlled capacity of interaction with biological materials, such as anti-adhesive treatments for biomolecules or bacteria, or pro-adhesive treatments to the cells and tissues. Her research studies look to improve surface properties of materials (chemical functionalization, topography modification) and understand the biological phenomena that happens in contact with surfaces.