Biomedical Engineering Division away day

Last week the BME Division organised an “away day” to foster awareness and collaborations between the several research groups that make up the division. We went to Mar Hall, a hotel complex near Loch Lomond to the north of Glasgow, and stayed there for the day.

We had 25+ posters displayed and five pre-arranged discussion groups talked about issues and ideas for improvement within the division, put forward during the day in short five minutes talks.

A variety of topics were also presented in twenty minute talks:

  • The effect of lipid mobility on cellular behaviour – Mark Bennett
  • An intermittent control approach to explain adaptation in human motor control – Alberto Álvarez
  • Surface acoustic wave microfluidics – Julien Reboud
  • Lipid-mediated parasitic invasion of biomimetic membrane systems – David Paterson
  • Testing the effects of genes on the mechanical properties of bone – Liz Tanner
  • Brain computer interface for neurorehabilitation: from laboratory to patients’ homes – Aleksandra Vuckovic
  • The making of small things – Nikolaj Gadegaard
  • Impact and research grant proposals – Andrés Alba Pérez
  • How a random walk can end up looking like a career path – Marcus Swann
  • Knowledge Exchange at the UoG – Jon Cooper

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