Effect of the cell – material interface on migration and drug cytotoxicity. A Master’s thesis by Liwen Wang

Liwen Wang has been a MSc. student at the Mechanical Engineering and Management MSc program of the University of Glasgow for the last 12 months. She has been supervised by Prof. Salmeron for her Master project. Liwen studied for an Industrial Engineering degree in China Jiliang University, in Hangzhou, near Shanghai.

LiwenDuring her time at MiMe Liwen has studied cell migration of DU145 cells, human prostate cancer cells, on PEA, PMA and control glass surfaces coated with fibronectin, and  cytotoxicity of chemotherapy drug Docetaxel also on DU145 cells cultured on PEA, PMA and control glass surfaces coated with fibronectin.

Liwen’s lab work has been supervised by PhD student Frankie Vanterpool.

Last Tuesday she presented a poster at the School of Engineering MSc project poster event that took place at the JWS bldg – pdf available here.