Spread the word: A month of international talks

Prof. Salmerón will be delivering several talks at international research meetings in Edinburgh, Leuven and Boston this month.

FN 3D heightThursday 03/09 – BSMB/BRS joint meeting, Edinburgh, UK. Third joint meeting of the Bone Research Society and the British Society for Matrix Biology. Meet Prof. Salmerón at Symposium 6 “Scaffolds”. He will be talking about “Engineered extracellular matrices for regenerative medicine” at 14:30 pm.

Saturday 05/09 – ESAO meeting, Leuven, Belgium. European Association for Artificial Organs. Session 18  “Fibrogelnet”. Prof. Salmerón will be talking about “Protein organisation to engineer the healing microenvironment” at 9:00 am.

Wednesday 09/09 and Thursday 10/09 – TERMIS, Boston, USA. Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine International Society. Prof. Salmerón will co-Chair the “Bioinspired Systems and Devices for Regenerative Medicine” session, Salon E from 10:00 am Wed 09, and will be talking about “Engineering Synergistic Microenvironment for Growth Factor Presentation” Salons J-K at 1:00 pm Thu 10.