Graded organisation of fibronectin on polymer surfaces to tune cell response

This poster (pdf here) first authored by MiMe PhD student Eleni Grigoriu received a “Best Poster Award” at the TCES 2015 meeting in Southampton last month.

The poster highlights recent work done using PEA – PMA copolymers and fibronectin coatings. It details the characterisation of the FN coated surfaces using AFM, BCA and ELISAs to quantify the availability of FN binding domains and the adsorption of growth factor BMP-2. It also includes some preliminary results using hMSCs in order to depict cell attachment and osteogenic differentiation.

FN on copolymers

Phase AFM images of FN distribution on PEA-PMA copolymers. FN organises into a network-like conformation on PEA. The network is disrupted with increased concentration of PMA on which it forms globular aggregates.

This poster is also accessible on the ePosters open-access library.