Cells Like To Move Around

Eleni Grigoriou,  PhD student at Mime

More than 40 years ago, Abercrombie et al. published a series of papers on “The locomotion of fibroblasts in culture” where they described a first model of lamellipodia-based cell migration. They filmed fibroblasts migrating on serum-coated coverslips. It is now well understood that cell migration is a omnipresent process in multicellular organisms, and that cells usually migrate in response to specific chemical signals and mechanical signals. When we engineer new biomaterials, we want to understand how the properties of the synthetic surface modulates cell behaviour, including their characteristic migration on these microenvironments

This time-lapse video consists of phase contrast images taken every 10 min for approximately 24 hours using a live cell imaging microscope. It shows the migration of rat fibroblasts seeded on a synthetic substrate coated with proteins. Features of the cell such as the leading edge can be observed as well as a fibronectin “tail” produced by the cell.